Bellarri "Ms. Vicky / Valentina" 18K Pink Gold, Sandblasted & Polished Smoky Quartz, Polished Smoky & Champagne Quartz & White Diamond 3-Piece Set

Only 5 of these "Ms. Vicky" sets were created, and we have 3 pieces from one of the sets. They feature solid 18K pink gold, beautiful matte-finish sandblasted smoky quartz, fully-polished & faceted smoky & champagne quartz, and white diamonds. Here are the specs for each component...

Bracelet B885PG/CHQSQ - Solid 18K pink gold, 9.35 carats total of champagne quartz, 37.40 carats total of smoky quartz, 49 points / .49ct of white diamonds. The top setting measures 1.15" x 1.1" with a rise of .4". Bracelet arms taper from .45" wide at the setting to .35" wide at the opening. Internal circumference is 6.6", max wrist size around 7". Total weight 28.5 grams.

Earrings ER2151PG/CHQSQ - Solid 18K pink gold, 5.60 total carats of champagne quartz, 31.25 carats of smoky quartz, 60 points / .60ct of white diamonds. Each measures 1.5" tall x .8" wide across the drop. Each weighs 9.1 grams.

Ring R8937PG/CHQSQ - Solid 18K pink gold, 3.10 total carats of champagne quartz, 15.40 carats of smoky quartz, 25 points / .25ct of white diamonds. Top setting measures .85" x .85" with a rise of .4" up off the finger. Total weight 11.1 grams. Band is Bellarri standard size 7, with sizing available.

Bracelet $3995
Earrings $2495
Ring $1595
Set Price $7295
Please contact us for pricing on various combinations