Bellarri "Ms. Genevieve" 14K Pink Gold, Natural Smoky Quartz, Rhodolite Garnet & Brown Diamond Suite

We've previously featured several pieces from Bellarri's original "Genevieve", and with this set we bring to you our first-ever pieces from Bellarri's "Genevieve II" or "Ms. Genevieve".

It's a matching set, but you are welcome to purchase pieces individually or in combination. Everything features 14K pink gold, natural earth-mined smoky quartz, natural earth-mined rhodolite garnet, and natural uncolored champagne diamonds. Here are the specs on each item:

Bracelet B909PG14/SQRH - Solid 14K pink gold, 37.40 carats of natural, untreated, unheated faceted smoky quartz, 6.30 carats of natural, untreated rhodolite garnet and 55 points / .55ct of champagne diamonds. The top setting measures 1.6" side to side across the smoky quartz, and it rises .5" up off the wrist. Total weight 26.4 grams. Interior circumference (wrist size) 6.5", can fit up to 6.6-6.7" before it gets too snug.

Earrings ER2177PG14/SQRH - Solid 14K pink gold, 13.13 carats of natural smoky quartz, 1.30 carats of natural rhodolite garnet, 11 points / .11ct of uncolored champagne diamonds. They measure 1" tall x .45" wide and each weighs 2.7 grams.

Ring R9027PG14/SQRH - Solid 14K pink gold, 18.75 carats of natural smoky quartz, 2.20 carats of rhodolite garnet, 18 points / .18ct of champagne diamonds. Top setting measures .9" x .9" if measured across the corners, or .8" x .8" if measured side to side. Setting rises .45" up off the finger, total weight 8.0 grams. Band is size 7, sizing service is available.

Bracelet Price $2995
Ring Price $1195
Earrings Price $995
Set Price $4695