Bellarri "Lily" 14K Pink Gold, Multi-Gemstone, Pink Sapphire & White Diamond Large Enhancer, Ring & Earrings Available Individually Or As Combinations/Set With Bundle Savings

Collection: "Lily"

Enhancer G1429PG14/MP, Solid 14K pink gold, 7.15 carats of London Blue Topaz, Citrine, Amethyst, Peridot and Red Garnet, 1.05 carats of Pink Sapphire, 37 points / .37ct of White Diamonds. Measures 2.1" tall x 1.95" wide across the bottom setting, weight 9.0 grams.

Ring R9332PG14/MP, Solid 14K pink gold, 2.30 carats of Amethyst, Rhodolite Garnet & London Blue Topaz, 39 points / .39ct of Pink Sapphires, 21 points / .21ct of white diamonds. Top setting measurres .95" across widest points, rise of .25" up off the finger, total weight 5.7 grams. Band is size 7 with sizing service available.

Earrings ER2358PG14/M, Solid 14K pink gold, 3.23 carats of Amethyst, Rhodolite Garnet & London Blue Topaz, .79ct of Pink Sapphires, .26ct of White Diamonds. Each measures 1.4" tall x .95" wide, each weighs 3.8 grams.

Enhancer $1995
Ring $1395
Earrings $1995
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