Bellarri "La Vida" 14K Yellow Gold with Citrine, Smoky Quartz and Rose Quartz Doublets over Mother of Pearl with White Diamond Accents - Ring, Pendant & Earrings

Late last year we got the opportunity to sell a handful of one-off gemstone doublet bracelets from this same "La Vida" collection, and those were very well received. Now we get to revisit that Collection, with a full suite of matching creations - also only 1 of a kind - that feature the same doublet design.

They're set in solid 14K yellow gold, with all-natural faceted citrine, rose quartz and smoky quartz set over slices of natural Mother of Pearl to create a gorgeous and colorful presentation of color and pearlescent glow. Genuine white diamonds, complementing every setting, complete the presentation. Here are the details for each item:

Earrings ER2322YG/SCR - Solid 14K Yellow Gold, 11.85 carats of faceted natural citrine, 7.50 carats of faceted natural smoky quartz, 2.00 carats of faceted natural rose quartz, 78 points / .78ct of white diamonds. Each measures 1.05" tall x .75" wide and each weighs 5.1 grams.

Enhancer Pendant G1417YG/SCR - Solid 14K Yellow Gold, 13.60 carat citrine, 8.60 carat smoky quartz, 2.10 carat rose quartz, 50 points / .50ct white diamonds. Total weight 8.5 grams. It measures 1.75" tall x 1" wide.

Ring R9264YG14/SCR - Solid 14K Yellow Gold, 13.25 carat citrine, 7.75 carat smoky quartz, 2.00 carat rose quartz, 44 points / .44ct of white diamonds. Top setting measures 1.1" finger direction x 1.25" wide fully across the setting, with a rise of .3" up off the finger measured at the peak of the citrine. Total weight is 10.6 grams. The band is just a hair larger than Bellarri's standard 7, right around a 7.25, but the setting is open as well - the smoky quartz and citrine settings do not connect, so the ring can be put on a larger finger without sizing because the setting will gently spread. Please contact us for sizing assistance if necessary.

We are giving priority to buyers who can purchase the set fully whole. If it's not purchased as a set, we will eventually separate the components. Please contact us to reserve an individual piece if you wish not to purchase the entire set.

Earrings $1995
Enhancer $1795
Ring $1595
Full Set $4695

Please note that the chain from this set was sold with a different set, but other chains are available. If you need a chain, just let us know, we'll work that in for you.