Bellarri "Gigi Nouveau" 14K Pink Gold, Natural Pink Mother of Pearl, Multi-Gem & Diamond Set

Last year we had one of these sets, and now we're able to offer another. These photos show the actual set you'll receive - since every gemstone is different, we always take up-to-date photos of the specific pieces on offer.

The "Gigi Nouveau" Collection was retired in late 2017, and for this particular style we have the entire set - necklace, ring and earrings. Each features solid 14K pink gold, natural pink mother of pearl, natural earth-mined London blue topaz, amethyst, green tourmaline, Madeira citrine and rhodolite garnet, and Top Light Brown diamonds.

Here are the details on each individual piece:

Necklace P2054PG14/PMM: Solid 14K pink gold, 6.80 carats pink mother of pearl, 3.35 carats natural gemstones, 20 points / .20ct diamonds. Setting diameter is .9" across, necklace length (fixed to pendant) is 16", total weight 10.5 grams.

Ring R9036PG14/PMM: Solid 14K pink gold, 5.90 carats pink mother of pearl, 1.90 carats natural gemstones, 35 points / .35ct diamonds. Top setting measures .8" in diameter with a rise of .3" up off the finger. Shank size is 7 with sizing available. Total weight 5.8 grams.

Earrings ER2213PG14/PMM: Solid 14K pink gold, 7.75 carats pink mother of pearl, 2.75 carats natural gemstones, 47 points / .47ct diamonds. Each measures 1.4" tall. Each weighs 4.0 grams.

This is offered as a set with great bundle savings, or you can purchase individual items:

Earrings SOLD
Necklace SOLD
Ring $995