Bellarri "Hava II" 18K Yellow Gold, Rhodolite Garnet & White Diamond Enhancer Pendant

Bellarri's "Hava II" pieces come in multiple sizes and shapes - this is the large squared enhancer and it presents as dynamically in person as in our photos, measuring a full 1.75" x .9", with the gemstone setting alone measuring 1.15" of that total.

It starts with solid 18K yellow gold and holds an array of 20 all-natural, earth-mined, uncolored rhodolite garnets. They feature Bellarri's signature Mystique Cut, which creates an "exploding center" refraction pattern. The burst of light from each stone is then accentuated by cutting each stone to have a scalloped crown, with flat tables allowing undistracted viewing of each stone. This is what makes Bellarri pieces special - it's not just the color and quality of the stone, it's the way they're cut, to maximize the creativity of the light refraction pattern and to create depth that makes the stone seem deeper than it actually is.

The total carat weight of the rhodolite array is a huge 20.05 carats. Capping the presentation are 17 points (.17ct) of genuine white diamonds, both covering the entire bail and set in individual cylindical settings throughout the rhodolite array.

Retail for this creation was over $6K - just imagine the hours that went into not only sourcing 20 perfectly matched rhodolites of this color and clarity and the time to cut them to perfection and set them in this piece - but we have it for under $2K.