Bellarri "Hava II" 18K Yellow Gold & Peridot Enhancer Pendant

We've had this same style in rhodolite, now we're adding it in peridot, and we have the perfect "Hava" ring match for it. We've included some photos below that show the ring and pendant together. Customers are welcome to purchase one or the other, and we are offering bundle savings on the combination.

This pendant starts with a gorgeous and highly-decorated 18K yellow gold setting and features an array of 20 all-natural, earth-mined peridots in Bellarri's signature "exploding center" Mystique cut with flat tables and scalloped crowns. Total peridot carat weight is 16.90 carats.

The light refraction pattern from all these stones set perfectly together is wonderful, and the peridots are joined by 17 points of diamonds, set both in white gold cylindrical settings sprouting up across the peridot array and covering the entirety of the vertical bail that extends down over the front of the pendant.

The piece measures 1.7" x .95" and weighs over 11 grams. The bail is one of Bellarri's largest bail designs - it's highly unlikely that anyone owns an omega chain too big for this bail. The opening is almost 12mm tall!

Retail on this piece was $6K, but we're offering it for $1995. We can only get one of these pendants - Bellarri is otherwise sold out, so this is last call for this particular Hava II colorway.