Bellarri "Bordeaux" 18K Multi-Gemstone Slider Pendant with Included 18" 18K Yellow Gold Chain

From Bellarri's "Bordeaux" Collection, this slider pendant features lots of color, beautiful gemstone cutting, and the flowing gold chainwork that is the design hallmark for the "Bordeaux" Collection.

It starts with a solid 18K yellow gold setting, and features a large oval centerpiece adorned with iolite, peridot, green tourmaline, citrine, rhodolite, red garnet, and amethyst all the way around its perimeter. Running through the center is a large cylindrical setting of faceted rhodolite garnet, with rhodolite cabachon caps and rings of diamonds end to end.

Flowing down from the center piece are 8 short chains of 18K yellow gold, which present a second and smaller cylindrical display of rhodolite garnets and diamonds.

The total gemstone count is 19.70ct, of which 8.45ct is the rhodolite in the center and lower cylindrical settings. Diamond count is 22 points / .22ct.

The pendant measures a full 2.35" tall from top to bottom including the drop, and 1.75" wide across the upper rhodolite setting. The top section of the pendant alone measures almost 1.25" tall without the drop.

It comes with an 18" long 18K yellow gold chain, but the chain is removable so you can put the pendant on your own chains or cords.

Retail was well north of $7K, but we're offering this for only $2495.