We've sold several of these already, but never miss a chance to add one to our inventory when the opportunity arises. This little 18K gem is from Bellarri's "La Petite Collectzione", for those customers who want to own Bellarri without having to sell the furniture. And it's nicer than any of our photos convey - every stone is vivid, clear, and bursting with color. It's Bellarri's version of a rainbow. There's 2.10 carats of green tourmaline, citrine, garnet, rhodolite garnet, amethyst, iolite, and blue topaz. Capping the presentation are .10 carats of diamonds. The back reveals an opening clasp with safety latch for easy placement on your favorite chains and cords. It measures almost .75" tall and just over .5" wide at its widest point.