Bellarri Jumbo "Malibu" Enhancer

Just when we think we're getting to be Bellarri experts, we run across something that tells us there's so much more to discover. We've sold this design in the citrine and amethyst colorways, in what we thought was the only size. Turns out Bellarri also made this "Malibu" design in a jumbo size, and we found one in smoky quartz and citrine.

This piece measures 1.5" tall x 1.2" wide, and weighs more than half an ounce. It's not huge by Bellarri standards...the G703/AM "Lolita" Chandelier is twice as large, but compared to the smaller G913 Malibu pieces this one is certainly eye-catching.

It features solid 18K yellow gold, and a centerpiece 23.78 carat faceted smoky quartz measuring 1.1" tall x .6" wide all by itself. Surrounding the center stone are 10.08 carats more of both smoky quartz (side trillions) and citrine, along with 19 points of F/G VS diamonds. It's big, it's beautiful, and it retailed for almost $6000 so our price of $1795 may look like a typo in your favor but it's accurate - someone is going to get lucky with this enhancer.