Bellarri "Monte Carlo" 18K Multi-Gem Enhancer / Brooch

This amazing, and very large, creation is one of the largest 18K Bellarri enhancers/brooches we've ever had, coming in at a full 3.25" tall. From the "Monte Carlo" Collection, it retails for just under $7000, and features a big 16.95 carat citrine dangling from a beautiful array of 9.79 carats more of green tourmaline, rhodolite, citrine, peridot, iolite, blue topaz, amethyst, and red garnet (with doubles of green tourmaline, rhodolite and citrine) arranged in the likeness of a bamboo thicket.

The gemstones on the main section of the piece are all-natural, earth-mined stones, in the shape of faceted cylinders with tapered hourglass-shaped middles. And they're highlighted by 15 points of diamonds set into their end caps.

The all-natural citrine dangling from the bottom is a stunning elongated teardrop cabochon with superb clarity, entirely free of any distractions or cloudiness.

All of these gemstones - all 26+ carats - are set in solid 18K yellow gold, with both a very large opening bail and a brooch pin on the rear.

Overall height is 3.25" - the citrine dangle alone measures a full inch tall. The piece is about 1.25" wide across its widest points. We included a photo of the piece next to a quarter coin for size perspective - it dwarfs the quarter, giving you an idea of how dynamic it really is.