Bellarri "Romantic Reflections III" Pendant

We've had Romantic Reflections pieces before, but this is our first from the 3rd iteration of the Collection, Romantic Reflections III. And it features something you rarely see - fully cylindrical faceted gemstones.

There are actually two different sizes of this particular design - this is the larger of the two. It features solid 18K yellow gold, with the largest bail Bellarri offers so if you want to wear this on a 5mm braided leather cord or something similar, you can. The center of the pendant is a beautiful 7.17 carat amber-hued citrine with Bellarri's signature "exploding center" Mystique cut and scalloped table. Surrounding the citrine are faceted cylinders of green tourmaline, amethyst and blue topaz. But the real highlights for us are the fully cylindrical red garnet and peridot up top - those cuts are not easy to do. And adding all the sparkle are 16 points of diamonds, around the main setting, up over the cylindrical cuts, and along the entire height of the bail. It's just stunning in every way.

It measures 1.8" tall, 1.2" tall not including the bail, and .75" wide.