Bellarri "Romantic Reflections III" Enhancer

This remains the only Bellarri design we've ever had in our store (we also had the citrine version of the same piece) that features faceted full-cylindrical gemstone cuts. From the "Romantic Reflections III" Collection, it's also as colorful as a Bellarri enhancer gets.

It starts out with solid 18K yellow gold, and centers around a big 7.31 carat serrated-edge, Mystique-cut "exploding center" all-natural earth-mined amethyst, which is surrounded by gently curved baguettes of garnet, green tourmaline, blue topaz and citrine. The amethyst is so beautiful, you'd assume that's the highlight but between the main setting and the bail are two more gemstones that really make the piece. Fully cylindrical red garnet and peridot, set at staggered depth and with tapered length, glow beautifully to create a larger presentation than given by just the main setting.

It's a fairly large enhancer, 1.8" tall with bail and .7" wide. It also features Bellarri's largest bail size - this can fit on pretty much any omega, chain, or cord you want to wear it on. These don't come around often - it's only our 2nd overall at this size - so if you like it let us know.