Bellarri "Hava" 18K Green Tourmaline & Peridot Small Enhancer

Part of our recent haul of awesome "Hava" collection pieces, this is the small-size 18K yellow gold enhancer with peridot outside and green tourmaline center.

The Hava enhancers come in four sizes - this is the smallest size, and it's a lot like a large charm. It measures 1.25" tall and .65" x .65" across the drop (measured from side to side, not corner to corner).

It features 3.06 carats of faceted green tourmaline surrounding a bed of .78 carats of Mystique-cut scalloped-table peridot. The piece also has 10 points of diamonds - one larger diamond at the center of the peridot cluster, and more diamonds up on the bail.

It may be a small piece, but it packs a ton of color and character, and it displays what we love so much about Bellarri's creations - you don't have to buy their top-line pieces to get great gemstones. Even the small sizes of their pieces feature gorgeous, crystal-clear, vividly-hued all-natural gemstones.