Bellarri "Alexa" Gemstone & South Sea Pearls

On the heels of the last large "Alexa" enhancer/brooch we sold, here's another gorgeous piece that features a higher gemstone count but the same substantial footprint.

Measuring 2" tall and almost 1.5" wide, this large piece features a combination of all-natural gemstones - everything from rhodolite to green tourmaline, iolite to citrine, amethyst to blue topaz, with some peridot sprinkled in - and five lustrous South Sea Pearls. The total gemstone count is 4.38ct, not counting 8 points of F/G VS diamonds. Everything is set on a solid 18K yellow gold undercarriage, with both an opening bail and a brooch pin on the rear.

All of the photos were taken without camera flash, in natural light, so the colors and lustre of the pearls is real - what you're seeing in the photos is what you'll also see in person. The pearls aren't the only standouts - all three of the large baguettes, the rhodolite, amethyst, and green tourmaline, are crystal clear and rich in color.

This piece does weigh almost 28 grams - that's just under a full ounce - so it's not meant for gals who prefer their Bellarri on the petite size. But if you want something dynamic, and memorable, at a great discount off the retail price (almost $6K) this is a creation that won't disappoint. It's not a stretch to say it's nicer in person than in our photos.