Bellarri "Alexa" 18K South Sea Pearl Enhancer Brooch

Like the other "Alexa" piece we have on offer, G844/MSSP, this is a large and heavy piece that can be worn as either a brooch pin or a pendant/enhancer.

It starts with solid 18K gold - a lot of 18K gold! It's a full 2.8" long and 1.5" wide, and it weighs 37.7 grams, more than a full ounce. Much of that weight is in the beautiful and elaborate 18K gold undergallery that forms the structure of the piece. We included some photos of the undergallery, with all of the signature Bellarri "B"s woven into the fabric of gold.

Of course, the front of the brooch-enhancer is where the real beauty lies. You've got 4 large baroque South Sea white pearls - one large up top that looks like two but is one huge fused pearl, two at the sides, and one dangling from the bottom. Please note that in our photos the pearls look more yellowish than in person and to the naked eye - they're more of that brilliant lustrous white color you'd imagine, throwing off hues of pink, sea green and gold.

Next we come to the gemstones. First, there's a stunning 8.10 carat asymmtrical diamond-shaped Madeira citrine featuring Bellarri's "exploding center" Mystique cut with flat tables and scalloped edges. Above and below the citrine are two amethysts, totaling 10.4 carats: one is a faceted cushion-cut, the other a pyramid cabochon. Left of the citrine, and at the bottom right, are a faceted trillion-cut Swiss blue topaz and an oval faceted rhodolite garnet, together totaling 6.00 carats.

In addition to the brooch pin, the piece has a fully-opening bail that is large enough for even 4mm cords & chains, and even very wide Omega-style chains.

Retail on this piece was almost $8000, owing to the large amount of solid 18K gold and the high-carat-weight gemstones.