Bellarri Alexa South Sea Pearl Enhancer/Brooch

From Bellarri's "Alexa" Collection, this pendant is very unusual in that it reverses the normal styling cue for Alexa pieces: instead of using pearls as accents on a gem-centric design, this uses gems as accents on a pearl-centric design. It starts with solid 18K yellow gold, and adds 6 big, gorgeous South Sea Pearls with wonderful color and lustre. Complimenting the pearls are small baguettes of amethyst, rhodolite garnet, and green tourmaline (1.53ct) along with 10 points of diamonds. And it's a large piece, 2.75" tall, with a main body that's 1.8" tall all by itself. Where it really gets interesting is when you consider the weight - a full 23.2 grams, more than 2/3 of an ounce, because it takes a lot of gold to hold all those big pearls in place. We estimate the 18K gold content of the piece to be at least half an ounce. It's not only one of the heaviest (if not the heaviest) Bellarri enhancer we've had, but we're quite sure it's the heaviest in terms of gold required to craft it. It's beautiful in so many ways, not just to the eyes, but in the hand, with substantial heft and tactile feel.

And yes - it's not only an enhancer with an opening bail, but it also has a large pin extending across the back latticework so you can wear it as a brooch too.

Put it all together - a half ounce of solid 18K gold holding 6 of the most gorgeous South Sea Pearls you'll ever see (experienced pearl buyers know that of the different cultured pearl varieties available, South Sea Pearls, from the pinctada maxima oyster of Australia, Phillipines and Indonesia, are the most expensive), plus 10 points of F/G diamonds and some all-natural green tourmaline, amethyst and rhodolite garnet sprinkled in for fun - and we were surprised this piece doesn't cost more but that's ok by us!