Bellarri "Gypsy" 18K Enhancer

From Bellarri's "Gypsy" Collection, this is the enhancer pendant match for the bracelet we recently sold. Unfortunately, Bellarri is now completely sold out of those bracelets, but you can still enjoy the design with the pendant.

Our photos doesn't do this one justice - the color is rich and deep, and the stones are crystal clear. As with all Bellarri creations, the gemstones are all natural and earth mined - no lab enhancement was used to make them look this clear, clean and beautiful.

It features 15.94 carats of cabochon red garnet, amethyst, rhodolite garnet, blue topaz, and citrine, plus another 5.37 carats of faceted red garnet, iolite, and Madeira citrine, as well 5 points of diamonds set in 18K white gold cylindrical settings. The entire enhancer is otherwise 18K solid yellow gold.

It may not be able to see in photos but the pendant is actually built like a tiny section of the bracelet with two sets of links joining the sections. It's like a small subsection of a bracelet, linked, and slighly flexible.

It measures 1.3" tall x .85" wide, and the bail does open allowing easy placement on chains and cords.