Bellarri "Hava" Collection w/ South Sea Pearl

We've been lucky with our Hava Collection acquisitions lately, and also lucky with the Alexa Collection designs featuring South Sea Pearls. This particular Hava design combines both elements - an amethyst-filled top section with a gorgeous South Sea Pearl dangling below.

Iit's a substantial piece, measuring a full 2.2" tall, split pretty evenly between the amethyst upper and the pearl lower.

Up top it features 4.45 carats of Mystique-cut, scalloped-table amethyst in a 2x2 grid with a diamond at the center. Surrounding the center cluster are an additional 7.15 carats of all-natural earth-mined faceted "Lifesaver Candy" rounded stones all the way around the setting.

The bottom is a beautiful South Sea Pearl, with diamonds at the bottom set into the retainer setting and on the link between the two sections. The entire piece is made on solid 18K yellow gold, and the bail does open for easy placement on cords and chains (3mm cord max size).

Retail on this was over $4.5K, so as always we've got it priced at a steep discount to what you'd have paid for this at retail stores this year.