We've already sold one of these, and we spotted one more so we grabbed it. From Bellarri's "Goddess" collection, this gorgeous 18K yellow gold pendant is very different from our past Bellarri offerings. It's a vertically-oriented enhancer, with a 4-picture-window design, each window looking in on a beautiful group of 4 different gemstones. As with most Bellarri pieces, the gemstone array is broad...citrine, garnet, amethyst, green tourmaline, topaz, peridot, iolite and rhodolite garnet. But different from other Bellarri pieces is that this creation focuses almost as much on the diamonds as on the gemstone windows - this piece has a full 40 points of diamonds (.40 carats), in addition to the 2.52 carats of gemstones. The clasp on the rear does open, with a security latch for extra protection. The enhancer measures nearly 1.25" tall and .35" wide, a nice medium size.