Bellarri "Hava" 18K Rhodolite Pendant

Part of our recent haul of rhodolite "Hava" Collection pieces, this pendant is the jumbo size enhancer. "Hava" pendants come in 4 sizes - charm, medium, large and jumbo, and this is the largest size Bellarri makes. We included some photos of this piece next to the next smallest size, the G802, for visual perspective - you can see that the size difference between this and the G802 isn't trivial - this is a large piece.

It features 24.10 carats of rhodolite garnet - the outer rhodolites are faceted with rounded edges, Lifesaver candy style, and the inner cluster features nine scalloped-table Mystique cut rhodolites. You'll also find 14 points of F/G VS diamonds decorating the bail and the center of the rhodolite cluster.

It measures just under 2" tall with bail, and 1.3" wide across the points. This jumbo size "Hava" also features the largest bail Bellarri offers - if there's a chain or cord that doesn't fit this bail, it's probably meant to tow a boat instead.

Astute observers who compare this piece with the smaller G802/RH will notice that not only is the size different, but the color is different as well. Rhodolite can be found in multiple shades, from a deep red to violete and everything in between. The rhodolites in this piece are of a very deep pinkish violet with hints of red and fuchsia. These rhodolites are what the best pink tourmalines in the world wish they could grow up to look like.