Bellarri "Hava" 18K Yellow Gold, Rhodolite Garnet & White Diamond Enhancer Pendant

From Bellarri's "Hava" Collection - "Hava" translates to "Eve" in dozens of modern and ancient languages - this is the largest-size enhancer Bellarri makes in this style.

It starts with solid 18K yellow gold and features 24.10 carats of some of the most gorgeously-hued rhodolite garnet you'll ever see on our site. The outer rhodolites are faceted with rounded edges, Lifesaver candy style, and the inner cluster features nine scalloped-table Mystique cut rhodolites. You'll also find 14 points of F/G VS/SI diamonds decorating the bail and the center of the rhodolite cluster.

It measures 2" tall with bail, and 1.3" wide across the points. This jumbo size "Hava" also features the largest bail Bellarri offers - if there's a chain or cord that doesn't fit this bail, it's probably meant to tow a boat instead.

We also included photos of the gold filigree on the reverse of the setting - you can see how much gold was included in this design. The total weight is 16.0 grams, more than half an ounce, making it not only a dynamic-looking piece but also very substantial in terms of weight and tactile feel.