Bellarri "Hava" 18K Yellow Gold, Natural Peridot, Green Tourmaline & White Diamond Ring

Bellarri's "Hava" enhancer, in this style & shape, comes in three sizes - small, medium and very large. This is the very large size, and it retails for more than $8K.

It features a solid 18K yellow gold setting with 8.05 carats of all-natural, untreated, unheated green tourmaline and 10.40 carats of all-natural untreated peridot. The peridot is faceted and all stones are color matched for a consistently beautiful presentation. The green tourmalines are set at the center in a 3x3 grid of Mystique-cut stones featuring flat tables and scalloped crowns to accentuate the Mystique cut's "explosion of light" refraction pattern.

Genuine white diamonds - 15 points / .15ct total - decorate the center of the tourmaline cluster and the face of the bail. The bail, by the way, is also the largest offered by Bellarri - there isn't a chain, cord or omega in your jewelry box that won't fit through this bail.

This piece measures a full 2" tall x 1.25" wide and weighs 14.9 grams, almost half an ounce.