Bellarri "Alexa" South Sea Pearl & Multi-Gem Enhancer Brooch

We've had some superb Alexa Collection pieces lately, some larger than others. This may be the heaviest, largest, and most gemstone-laden of them all.

It measures just a hair under 3" tall, with the main upper gemstone section coming in at 1.75" of that total. It weighs 35 grams, more than an ounce - given the relatively low density of South Sea Pearls, it's easy to say that this piece has the highest gold content of any Bellarri pendant or enhancer we've ever sold.

In addition to the 5 South Sea Pearls - 4 on the upper section and one jumbo pearl dangling below - this pendant/brooch boasts almost 20 full carats of gemstones (19.69ct + 6 points diamonds). At the center is a magnificent Mystique-cut, scalloped table citrine, and it measures 13mm x 10mm by itself. There's also a Mystique-cut teardrop Sky Blue topaz, a gorgeous faceted amethyst, an oval rhodolite garnet, a faceted cushion cut peridot, and a faceted oval iolite. The iolite measures 8mm x 6mm - I highlight that stone, even though it's the smallest, because it's the largest iolite we've ever had on any Bellarri piece, including necklaces. And the color is superb - it's not too dark or inky, and when viewed from the side it turns almost water-clear, just as a high-quality iolite should.

The bail on the reverse does open, and it will fit over cords up to around 3.5mm thick, as well as even large Omega chains. There's also a brooch pin, which is more than an inch long - plenty substantial to support the weight of this heavy piece.

Retail is almost $9K on this, so it's in a different league than most other Alexas we've had. If you're looking for something dynamic, with both a great pearl presentation and also a high gemstone count, this is the best we have.