Bellarri "Layla" 18K Multi-Gem Amethyst Cabochon Pendant

The "Layla" Collection is a newly-retired collection, and one of Bellarri's more recent collections to be retired as well. Bellarri sold out of every color and style, so finding Layla pieces requires scouring jeweler showcases looking for anything we can find.

This pendant is a multi-color Layla, featuring solid 18K yellow gold with a beautiful 7.68 carat all-natural, earth-mined, deep purple amethyst cabochon at the center. Surrounding the amethyst are 4.89 carats of faceted "Lifesaver" shaped settings of peridot, rhodolite, blue topaz, citrine, iolite and more amethyst. Diamonds - 23 points total - cap the presentation.

It measures 1.35" tall x .8" wide, and the bail does open for easy placement on cords and chains.