Bellarri "Hava" 18K Yellow Gold, Amethyst & White Diamond Enhancer Pendant

Bellarri's first-generation "Hava" enhancers came in multiple sizes - this is the 2nd largest size available, and we have it for the first time ever in the all-amethyst colorway.

It features a solid 18K yellow gold setting with 12.63 carats combined of natural earth-mined amethyst in what we call faceted "Lifesaver Candy" cuts around the outside and flat-tabled, scalloped-crown Mystique cuts in the middle. A single white diamond sits at the center, with more white diamonds decorating the bail, a total of 12 points / .12ctw.

It measures 1.65" tall including the bail x 1" wide across the corners of the drop. It weighs 9.1 grams.