Bellarri "Flirtation" 18K Pink Gold

While we've had many "Flirtation" pieces from Bellarri over the last two years, we've never had one in pink gold - this is our first, and it's also the most recent of the Flirtation designs.

It's solid 18K pink gold with 8.15 carats of all-natural earth-mined gemstones, which I'll enjoy describing for readers.

There are large, beautiful, crystal-clear baguettes of citrine on both sides, and blue topaz top and bottom, running vertically. Two baguettes of amethyst run horizontally. And down the middle at staggered heights are curved columns of smoky quartz, citrine, and peridot. And yes, every one of those baguettes is a scalloped-table, Mystique-cut work of gemstone-cutting art. Capping the ends of the large baguettes are 11 points of F/G VS diamonds.

It measures 1.65" tall x 1.05" wide. The bail does open to allow for placement on chains & cords.