Bellarri "Flirtation" 18K Yellow Gold, Amethyst, Pink Tourmaline, Multi-Gemstone & Diamond Enhancer Pendant

From Bellarri's "Flirtation" Collection, this retail-new piece is a rare find for us - all of these yellow gold multi-gemstone designs are difficult to in down.

It starts with solid 18K yellow gold and is centered around a gorgeous all-natural, untreated, unheated, earth-mined 5.73 carat amethyst featuring Bellarri's signature Mystique Cut with a flat table and scalloped crown to accentuate the "exploding center" light refraction effect.

Flanking the amethyst are two stunning pink tourmalines - they're so deeply saturated that you'll expect them to be rhodolite garnets, but they're pink tourmalines (hence the "PT" in the APTM style code designation). Just above the amethyst is a red garnet. The bail is decorated with staggered length baguettes of blue topaz, iolite, red garnet, citrine and peridot. And surrounding the amethyst are 11 points / .11 carats of genuine white diamonds.

But that's not all, because decorating the side gallery of the entire piece, all the way around, are baguettes of natural peridot, citrine, red garnet, rhodolite garnet, amethyst, iolite and blue topaz. The total carat weight of all the colored stones besides the amethyst is 4.33, so the total carat weight of colored gemstones is over 10 carats. It's colorful from just about every angle, and when you flip it over you're greeted by a fully decorated filigree rear gallery.

It measures 1.35" tall x .8" wide across the tourmaline settings, and .35" thick. It weighs 9.8 grams, almost a third of an ounce.


Please excuse the fingerprint on the right side of the bail in this next photo!