Bellarri "Ultimate Color II" Enhancer Pendant

We found one of these late last year (November 2013) and it lasted about 46 seconds on our website - the Ultimate Color Collections (both I and II) are hugely popular and their designs usually sell out before there's a chance for us to find anything "retired".

They show off Bellarri's gemstone cutting capabilities - they almost always feature Mosaic-style faceted cuts - and they're great for mixing and matching with other Bellarri collections. This particular design is one of the larger in the collection, measuring just over 1.5" tall. It features solid 18K yellow gold, with 5.45 carats of all-natural gemstones, plus 20 points of F/G VS diamonds.

The bail does open, and it's large enough to fit on our 4mm rubber cords (a great match, and which we'll gladly include free of charge, just let us know what size you need) as well as most rope/box chains and omega link designs.

The colors are gorgeous, and the asymmetrical flowing-ribbon design is quintessential Bellarri.



We included photos taken both with, and without, camera flash to give customers a natural-light perspective on how the piece presents to the naked eye