Bellarri "Cleo II" 18K Enhancer Brooch

This pendant is so beautiful, it will make you cry, and long-distance family members may weep from across the world at the joy you are feeling. Your neighbors wil cry, wolves will howl, and birds will sing. If the rock band Journey was going to re-unite and record another album, all 11 songs would be about this pendant. It's THAT beautiful. If President Obama ever decides it's time to stop playing golf and actually do 5 minutes of work, he should establish a national "Cleo II" day and we'd all get to stay home from work - except Dawn and I, because we live to work for our customers, and don't you forget it.

This historically-gorgeous pendant starts with 18K yellow gold, with both an opening bail and a brooch pin on the back so it can be worn both ways. Set in the center is a stunning 9.10 carat Mystique-cut and scalloped table amethyst. But we're only just getting warmed up, because surrounding the amethyst are 8.92 carats of more amethyst, rhodolite garnet, and iolite, with a single wine-red garnet at the very top. And of course, there are diamonds - 16 points, F/G color and VS clarity.

Viewed straight-on, the amethyst explodes in hues of deep purple, electric violet and hot pink. But turn it off-angle, and all of a sudden it glows in watermelon red - just amazing. If we didn't want people spending all of their disposable income on Bellarri - which we clearly do - we'd tell you that if you were forced to live with only one Bellarri pendant for all of eternity, this would be the one you'd want.

It measures just a hair under 1.5" tall x 1" wide, and it weighs 11.9 grams so it feels very nice in the hand - heavy enough to feel substantial, but not so heavy that it's onerous as a brooch.