Bellarri 18K White Gold "Cleo" Blue Topaz & White Diamond Enhancer Pendant / Brooch

Bellarri's "Cleo" Collection was the design that got it all started for Dawn and I. We noticed a multi-gemstone "Cleo" enhancer / brooch - this exact piece but in the multi-gem colorway - in a Scottsdale gallery and were immediately smitten. We couldn't afford it at the time, but it left a lasting impression. Fast forward a few years, and not only do we get to sell Bellarri, but also share that same "Cleo" design with our customers.

This one starts with a solid 18K white gold setting and undergallery and features a breathtaking 9.92 carat Swiss blue topaz in Bellarri's signature Mystique-cut. This cut creates an "exploding center" effect, like a star bursting with light, and the refraction pattern is accentuated by a flat table and scalloped crown. It's a perfect example of how a beautiful stone won't look beautiful unless it's cut creatively and accurately, something that Bellarri can accomplish thanks to a large investment in gemstone laser-cutting technology.

And not only does the stone explode with bursts of light, and display wonderful color, but it's as crystal clear as a swimming pool - you can see right through to the undergallery.

Complimenting the center stone are another 3.21 carats of blue topaz baguettes extending from every side of the piece, along with 18 points of white diamonds decorating every bit of leftover setting surface area.

It measures 1.3" x 1" and weighs 12.7 grams. It features both a large opening bail - large enough for even 7mm omegas - and a brooch pin on the back so it can be worn as a pendant or pin.

We photographed it in a variety of lighting intensities, from direct sunlight to dimmer ambient light, to show off the different personalities of the large Mystique-cut blue topaz. Whatever you think of this in the photos, it's going to knock your Mary Janes off when you see it in person - you may spend more time just staring down into it than actually wearing it.