Bellarri "Galaxy of Love" 18K Amethyst Heart

It's been 2+ years since we had a Galaxy of Love heart enhancer - the entire collection was made in very limited quantities and in such great shapes (disco balls, moons, stars) that they didn't last long in dealer showcases - so it's great to finally be able to offer this amethyst heart enhancer.

Even better, the last one was from a slightly newer price list and sold for $1995 - this one is being offered at only $1795.

It starts with a solid 18K yellow gold top setting adorned with 11 points of diamonds and .56 carats of tapered-length all-natural earth-mined gemstones in the bail. The highlight of course is the 24.8 carat all-natural earth-mined faceted amethyst, and because it's top-set from above there's no rear gallery so light can pass and refract through the stone without any distractions. It's a beautiful presentation and a great way to enjoy the amethyst.

The piece measures exactly 1.25" tall including the bail, and just a hair over .75" wide. It's a full .45" thick measured at the amethyst's fattest point. We included a photo of the enhancer, which does have an opening bail, next to a quarter coin for visual size perspective.