Bellarri 18K "Midnight Fantasy" Smoky Quartz

We just recently sold the blue topaz version of this (and are trying to find another, stay tuned), and it sold so quickly that when we got the opportunity to get the same pendant in citrine & smoky quartz we didn't hesitate. Dawn and I call this "chocolate pie with a side of peach cobbler".

From Bellarri's "Midnight Fantasy" Collection, you won't find a smoky quartz much richer than this. It starts with solid 18K yellow gold, and centers around a 10.91 carat Mystique-cut "exploding center" scalloped-table arrowhead Smoky Quartz. The bail features a 1.16 carat Madeira citrine baguette. And 15 points of F/G color diamonds line the top of the pendant, the bail, and the top of the Smoky Quartz setting. And notice how vivid the color is for both stones - the citrine is a beautiful orange-red tangerine color, and the Smoky Quartz is the color of root beer or chocolate pie, depending on your cravings. These pendants measure just over 1.25" tall x .75" wide.