Bellarri "Midnight Fantasty" 18K Yellow Gold, Madeira Citrine & White Diamond Enhancer Pendant

From Bellarri's retired "Midnight Fantasy" Collection, this is a piece that we haven't seen in several years.

It features a solid 18K yellow gold structure with beautiful filigree rear and sides. The main stone is an all-natural, earth-mined 10.71 carat Madeira Citrine featuring Bellarri's signature "exploding center" Mystique Cut with flat table and scalloped crown to accentuate the refraction pattern.

Another citrine decorates the bail, 1.26 carats large. A full 15 points / .15ct of white diamonds adds contrast to the presentation.

It measures 1.35" tall x .65" wide and weighs 6.5 grams.

The bail does open, allowing for easy placement on chains and cords, but it's not a huge bail so restrict your chains to 3mm or less in diameter.