Bellarri "Midnight Fantasy" 18K Citrine

There's no photo magic used in the pictures you see below - we simply vary the amount of lighting, from bright light near a window to normal in-room lighting, and what you see below is straight out of the camera. Yes, the citrine really is that beautiful. Its dominant color is bright orange, but if you change the angle under bright light it can look like a fiery amber color or the inside of a peach pie. And in dimmer light at off-angles it looks like it's bleeding red.

Of course, Bellarri's signature "exploding center" Mystique-cut with scalloped table definitely helps. Bellarri chooses her cuts to maximize clean light refraction, sparkle and depth, and this stone looks like it's 100 feet deep.

The piece is from the "Midnight Fantasy" Collection, and the main trillion-shaped citrine is 10.71 carats, with another 1.26 carat citrine up on the bail (which does open). Fifteen points (.15ct) of F/G VS diamonds cap the presentation.

It's not a big piece, measuring 1.25" tall x .7" wide, but it's one of those enhancers about which you'd say "it's all gemstone" - its footprint isn't huge, but it has a big citrine.