Bellarri "Midnight Fantasy" Amethyst Enhancer

We've sold these in blue topaz and smoky quartz/citrine, but this is the first we've found in amethyst. It's the 18K yellow gold version, with a fantastic 11.13 carat trillion-shaped, Mystique-cut "exploding center" amethyst with scalloped table. There's a 2nd amethyst up over the bail, a pretty 1.33 carat faceted stone with color and clarity that matches the main stone perfectly. Diamonds cap the presentation, flanking both stones, 15 points total.

It's not a tiny pendant, but it's not large by Bellarri standards so if you want something you can wear frequently, that doesn't require a ticket to the opera, this will see a lot of time outside the jewelry box. It measures 1.25" tall x .75" wide.

UPDATE 1/21/15: Just added some brand new, natural-light photos. Refresh your browser to be sure you're seeing them. Our previous pictures didn't adequately capture the stunning color depth and clarity of this amethyst. Notice not only how easy it is to see the gold undergallery, highlighting the clarity of the stone, but also the various color hues thrown off - you can see purple, hot pink, violet, even hints of periwinkle.