Bellarri "Romantica" 18K White Gold, Natural Rhodolite Garnet & White Diamond Slider Pendant w/ FREE 18K Mirror Link 16" Chain - Please Read Description, Imperfect Item

This "Romantica" Collection design is a barrel-shaped slider pendant, and we've only ever seen it in one other colorway, an amethyst variety we sold a few months ago. This one is straight from a retail showcase and has never been sold, but it has been handled quite a bit and is not flawless. Normally we reject anything with blemishes or excess handling, as we never want customers wondering if our fantastically-low prices are a reflection of item condition (they are not), but we're making an exception with this and we're going to price it commensurately. To be clear, it looks great to the naked eye, but under magnification you can see that it has been handled and has tiny marks here and there. It's "new" in that it has never been sold, but we don't think it should be sold as "flawless" or priced as such.

It features solid 18K white gold and 11.70 carats of natural rhodolite garnet with 12 points / .12ct of genuine white diamonds. It measures .65" long x .45" thick and it comes with the solid 18K white gold 16" Mirror-Link chain shown in the photos. It can be worn without hesitation or embarrassment, and these rhodolites have that gorgeous vibrant color that everyone looks for, so we wanted to offer it despite its tiny shortcomings.

With a retail of $2995, this would have hit the site at $1095 if in perfect condition, and it would not have come with a free chain (which we sell separately for $125). We're pricing this at $795 with the chain included, equating to a $425 total savings.