Bellarri "Romantica" Ametrine 18K Enhancer

We can never find enough ametrine, and when we do find it it's usually expensive, and doesn't last long. So we were happy to discover this little gem - it's beautiful, though petite, which means it's affordable to more of our customers.

It's small as Bellarri enhancers go, but not small on personality. It features a 5.75 carat faceted ametrine with another 1.29 carats of citrine & ametrine up on the bail to match the presentation of the main stone. It also has 18 points of diamonds, a lot for a piece in this price range - the diamonds decorate the 4 corners of the ametrine and line the bail on both sides.

Even though it's petite, it still measures a full 1.25" tall from bottom to top of bail, and .6" wide. Thankfully, Bellarri gave it a nice wide bail opening, so it can fit on pretty much anything save for a chain Mr. T might wear.

What makes this specific piece of ametrine so gorgeous is the way it changes its appearance depending on the lighting angle, as you can see in our photos. It can go from a pyrite gold color to a deep chocolate brown to deep purple to a pastel pink, and then at certain angles you get deep gold + violet pink together. Just one of those pieces that will show you something new everytime you pick it up.

Bundle Offer: By itself this enhancer is $995. The matching ring is $1095. But buy them together for only $1795, a $295 savings.