Bellarri "Romantic Reflections" 18K Amethyst Enhancer

From Bellarri's "Romantic Reflections" Collection, this piece presents much larger than your trusty ruler would indicate. It starts with solid 18K yellow gold and features one of the most intricate filigree rear galleries you will ever see on a Bellarri piece. You may spend as much time admiring the back as the front. And notice how the center of the rear is open, to allow light passage and refraction through the amethyst.

The front features a grand total of 17.15 carats of all-natural, untreated, unheated, earth-mined amethyst. There's a gorgeous faceted center stone, surrounded by a combination of rounded edge faceted trillions at the corners, faceted cylindrical cuts at the sides and bottom, and faceted staggered-length baguettes up on the bail. Twenty points / .20ct of genuine white diamonds are scattered all over the front setting across 12 different clusters, with more diamonds decorating both sides of the bail.

Also note that the bail features a hidden-linked connection to the lower section, allowing the piece about 10 degrees of rotation between the bail and lower section. It's not much, but it's meant to allow a little flexibility so that the piece can find a comfortable resting position on your chest.

It measures 1.35" tall x .75" wide and a full .4" thick. It also weighs 11.3 grams, more than a third of an ounce.