Bellarri "Romantica" 18K Blue Topaz

We've had this design previously, in ametrine, so it was a treat to find another, especially with such a stunning gemstone.

From the "Romantica" Collection, it's made with solid 18K white gold, fully hallmarked, and features a total of 20.00 carats of blue topaz - the majority of which is found in the gorgeous Mystique-cut "exploding center" scalloped table Swiss blue topaz center. I photographed this piece in varied lighting conditions, from bright sunlight through a window to a dimly light room on an overcast day, to give you multiple looks at how this stone presents itself. It's not only crystal clear and free of internal distractions, but the color is stunning - like looking into a caribbean tidal pool. And Bellarri's Mystique cut makes it looks endlessly deep.

It's accented by additional blue topaz baguettes, tapered up top, along with 9 points of F/G diamonds.

The piece is just under 1" tall x .7" wide, so it's not a long pendant. But it is half an inch thick. Really, it's all blue topaz - that center stone just dominates. So even though it doesn't have a large footprint, it looks "big". At our price of $1195, the lucky new owner is going to be very surprised - you usually don't find 18K jewelry, with gemstones this superb, at that price level.