Bellarri "Romantica" 18K Yellow Gold, Smoky Quartz, Madeira Citrine & Diamond Enhancer

Oftentimes customers are surprised when they request something from our SOLD sections and we're not able to find another - they expect these pieces to be produced in large numbers, with ample supply in stores across the country. But Bellarri actually produces in relatively small numbers, with a level of detail, attention and creativity that goes beyond what many customers are accustomed to, and this enhancer is a perfect example of that.

From the long-retired "Romantica" Collection, it doesn't look that special at first glance. But notice the detailed filigree around the sides of the solid 18K gallery. That 12.82 carat faceted smoky quartz center stone is all-natural - it wasn't heat-treated for color. And notice the detailed serration cuts around the edges of the stone, those are very difficult to cut and require very expensive laser-cutting machines. Very few designers attempt radical cut details like that. Notice how all 1.04 carats of all-natural citrine set into the top bail match - there's no distracting variation in color between any of the 5 faceted baguettes. And not only did Bellarri spread the 17 points of white diamonds along the corner settings of the smoky quartz, and the sides of the bail, but also at the center of the connection point between the bail and drop.

The enhancer measures 1.35" x .65" with a weight of 9.0 grams. The bail opening is very large - this can even fit on cords, chokers and chains a full 5mm in diameter.