TWO NEW VARIATIONS JUST IN - LOTS OF NEW PHOTOS - While searching for and fulfilling a special request for this piece in white gold, we found one in yellow gold so we grabbed it also. From the Romantica Collection, it features a total of 15.27 carats of amethyst - that's not a typo, it's really 15.27 carats, most of which is in the center stone - featuring two of Bellarri's best gem-cutting designs: a scalloped table with deep scallop waves, and their signature "exploding center" mystique cut. You'll find more amethyst up on the opening bail, along with 18 points of F/G color diamonds. It's a perfect size, too, measuring 1.4" tall x .65" wide across the bottom of the amethyst. If you're an amethyst addict, this will calm the cravings for a good long while.

UPDATE: Two new variations on this pendant now available - one with a faceted amethyst with serrated edges and matching amethyst bail, and another with a faceted amethyst with serrated edges and a multi-gem bail. So you have 3 to choose from, all the same price. Just let us know which variation you'd like - all 3 variations are pictured below.