Bellarri "Diva Visions" 14K Yellow Gold, Natural Prasiolite and White Diamond Slider Pendant

This beautiful slider pendant is from Bellarri's "Diva Visions" Collection, and no more than 3 of these were created. It's a true slider with non-opening bail, and we have a chain available with it, details below.

This pendant features a solid 14K yellow gold setting, fully hallmarked with all the usual Bellarri identifiers of course, and the centerpiece is an all-natural 25.08 carat faceted sage green Prasiolite with gorgeous color and inclusion-free clarity. As prasiolite fans know, most prasiolite on the market is simply purple amethyst that has been laboratory-heated to the color green, hence the faux pas misnomer "green amethyst" that some designers mistakenly call this stone. But nature does create this stone in the wild, when amethyst deposits are subjected to intense heat as from volcanic fissures and the like. That's when natural prasiolite comes to be. Not from a laboratory, but from Mother Earth.

This stone is a huge wonder - it's over an inch tall and .7" wide all by itself. And it's surrounded in this pendant by a full 24 points - almost a quarter carat - of natural white diamonds. Overall the pendant measures just over 1.5" tall x .8", with a total weight of 8.8 grams.

We also have a chain available, completely optional. It's also 14K yellow gold and features 3 loop stations for the clasp that allow you to adjust the chain to lengths of 15", 17", or 19", and the chain only costs $99 with purchase of the pendant.