Bellarri "Hava Nouveau" 14K Green Gold, Peridot & White Diamond Enhancer Pendant

This is our first-ever creation from the "Hava Nouveau" Collection and it features a big, beautiful array of natural peridot.

It starts with a solid 14K green gold setting and opening bail. For those not familiar with "green gold", it's not really green but rather a brighter shade of yellow. Whereas yellow gold is made by combining pure yellow gold with nickel and/or silver plus copper, green gold is a combination of pure yellow gold and pure white silver only. Taking the copper out of the mix creates a brighter yellow gold.

It features full 16.60 carats of Mystique-Cut, all-natural, earth-mined and untreated peridot with a sprinkling of 9 points of white diamonds set in cylindrical prong settings.

The piece measures 1.15" in diameter and 1.55" tall with bail. It weighs a full 10.7 grams - again, this is not a petite piece.

Retail was over $4500 but we have it brand new and retail fresh for only $1695 with no sales tax if you're located outside Arizona.