Bellarri "Hawaiian Dreams" 18K Pink Gold, Rhodolite Garnet, Pink Sapphire & Diamond Fish Enhancer Pendant

These were a special run created exclusively for the Hawaiian market, and we've been fortunate to get one first in 18K yellow gold with citrine (SOLD), a small one with blue topaz (SOLD), and one last large-size pendant in pink gold with rhodolite garnet.

This rhodolite garnet version is the largest of the series, and it features 8.50 carats of faceted rhodolite garnet covering the fish's body, with a .02 carat all-natural earth-mined pink sapphire for the eye, plus 15 points of diamonds covering the bail which also ribbons over the fish all the way to the bottom of the piece. The pendant measures approximately 1.25" long and 1.25" tall including the large bail (which does open).

It comes with a 16" long 18K pink gold chain made in Italy, direct from Bellarri.