Bellarri "Hawaiian Dreams" Enhancer

This piece is brand new - not just retail-fresh new like all of our other Bellarri - but actually a brand-new current design. Bellarri recently did a custom-designed exclusive for their Hawaiian dealers, and we got lucky and got one.

It's solid 18K yellow gold, in the shape of a beautiful fish, with a very tall stylized bail. It measures 1.25" long x 1.35" tall, and features 5.85 carats of faceted Madeira citrine, plus 15 points of diamonds decorating the bail which flows down like a ribbon over the fish all the way to the bottom of the piece. The eye of the fish is a 2 point all-natural bright and vivid pink sapphire.

Because of the height of the bail, it will fit on any omega chain in existence, and it does open for easy placement on cords & chains.

It's a beautiful piece, and obviously a limited edition offering. We just got this one, and it's unlikely we'll see another.

NOTE: Any blurriness you see on the diamond-covered bail is due to the flowing nature of it. It's not a straight line, so its depth varied in relation to the camera lens which created some obvious aperture effects.