Bellarri "Visions" 18K Pink Gold Champagne Quartz Pendant

While Bellarri's "Visions" Collection is designed to more subtle and petite, the gemstone in this piece is anything but. This enhancer pendant with opening bail features an all-natural, earth-mined, non-lab-enhanced 5.65 carat Champagne Quartz with wonderful color and distraction-free clarity from end to end. We intentionally photographed the stone against both a plain paper backdrop, and also against a mannequin hand, and under varying intensities of lighting, to show the personality of this Champagne Quartz. If you've previously disregarded Champagne Quartz, this would be the stone that would get you engaged if not addicted.

The setting is solid 18K pink gold, and the gold ribbon that curves over the Champagne quartz is covered with a full .12ct / 12 points of genuine white diamonds.

The enhancer measures almost 1.25" tall - it may be "Visions" but it's not tiny.

Retail was over $1600 on this piece but we have it for only $629, brand new and retail fresh.