Bellarri "Visions" 14K Blue Topaz Diamond Pendant

We love that we can get under $500 with some of our new "Visions" offerings, especially when they're as beautiful as this piece. It starts with 14K pink gold, and features a 7.05 carat earth-mined Sky Blue topaz with superb clarity and beautiful deep baby blue color. The ribbon of diamonds that forms the setting, and the bail, are covered with 12 points of F/G VS diamonds.

The entire piece measures 1.25" tall, and the topaz alone is .6" long.

We show all of our "Visions" pendants on matching Italian Mirror-Link chains - these are not included, but are available for purchase with any "Visions" pendant for only an additional $95. The chains are solid 18K pink gold (or yellow gold to match yellow gold pendants) and look wonderful with "Visions".