Bellarri "Visions" 14K White Gold, Red Garnet & Diamond Pendant with Included 18K Mirror-Link 16" Chain

We've been fortunate to come across a nice assortment of Bellarri's nicely-priced "Visions" Collection, but this is our first-ever red garnet piece. It's by far the most limited of all the colorways.

It's a petite piece, measuring just under 1" tall, but with a full 5.80 carat all-natural, earth-mined, unheated faceted red garnet. Decorating the entire bail, all the way from the garnet up to the top, are 6 points of white diamonds.

The bail doesn't open - it's a slider - and we're including an Italian solid 18K white gold 16" Mirror-Link Chain. The $579 price gets both the pendant and the chain.

Retail for the two would be close to $1600, but we're at only $579 with free shipping.