Bellarri "Gigi" 18K Pink Gold, Natural Smoky Quartz & White Diamond Enhancer

We've only seen this big, majestic design in one other colorway, a lemon quartz specimen a few years back. Finally we get to actually list one, and it's in the gorgeous smoky quartz colorway.

It features a solid 18K pink gold setting with a huge 35.55ct all-natural, unheated, untreated earth-mined smoky quartz draped in gold ribbons displaying a full 36 points - more than a third of a carat - of genuine white diamonds.

It measures a full 1.9" tall x .8" wide, and the smoky quartz alone is a full 1.25" tall. The bail is large, so you can wear this on cords and chains as big as 4mm with ease. Total weight is 10.6 grams.

It looks good in photos - but it looks SENSATIONAL in person. Take our word for it. Whomever takes a flyer on this will be doing naked cartwheels when you open the package and see it for the first time. Our photos don't even remotely do this work of art justice.